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Mobile desalination systems:

A compact, mobile, solar powered water desalination system is now available to produce clean drinking water from saline (salty) water sources. The unit also has the capacity to clean acid and contaminated water. It takes approximately 30 minutes to install and is easy to maintain and energy efficient. It comes ready to deploy and can operate 24 hours a day depending on solar or wind energy. The mobile system utilizes an efficient reverse osmosis system which removes dissolved solids (salt, inorganic contamination etc.) as well as viruses and bacteria and can deliver up to 15000 litres per day.

Oceanic desalination systems:

These systems are designed to convert seawater to drinking water, these seawater desalination systems use high quality reverse osmosis seawater membranes in the water purification process. The product water is used in a variety of areas including hotels, resorts, and off-shore platforms. Designed for the demanding requirements of the marine environment, these seawater systems use our proven technology to give reliable performance. These units are conservatively engineered for reliable long term performance and can deliver up to 370 000 litres of water per day.
Water harvesters:

Our atmosphere holds approximately 92 quadrillion litres of water vapour at any given time, 84% of which is evaporated from the oceans and 16% from the continents. Seeing that the oceans cover 70% of the earth's surface, they become a very sustainable source of water for all of us. Through our water harvesting technology N&M technologies is able to extract that evaporated oceanic water from the air at any time whether it rains or not. Most of the water harvesting technology available today in South Africa and Africa requires it to rain before water can be caught in some way for drinking or other daily uses. A single person utilises 26 litres of water per day (bathing, cooking, washing, flushing, and drinking). N&M technologies have a patented water harvesting technology which extracts water from the air whether on a cloudy or clear day, rainy or hot. The technology actually extracts water vapour from the air we breathe, condenses and cleans that vapour through its unique filtration systems, to produce many litres of clean drinkable water. We have had our water tested by the World Health Organisation and the South African Department of Water Affairs.

Our atmospheric water harvesting units range in size and effectiveness. Our 45 kilogram indoor (home / office) unit harvests up to 38 litres in a 24 hour period. Our outdoor units range from a hook up 1300 litre (in 24 hours) trailer unit to a larger standalone (5 ton) 11000 litre (in 24 hours) unit. The units' internal ozonation process kills all bacteria and foreign materials, and the internal advanced filtration systems do not allow any inorganic minerals or foreign matter to remain in the harvested water. The internal carbon filters require a biannual change, with the external electronic easily detachable filters requiring a daily clean depending on the nature of the environment it is placed in. The harvesters actually clean the air around them as they extract water vapour they release clean air which has circulated through its filters. Maximum water harvesting is dependent on the levels of heat (at least 20 degrees Celsius) and humidity (at least 50%) in any area, so humidity tests are done before placing a harvester anywhere. Every geographic area experiences high and low levels of humidity during the course of the day or night, but humidity does exist for harvesting. All our units, both indoor and outdoor, have a working lifespan of 5 years.

Description: According to Population Action International, based upon the UN medium population projections of 1998, more than 2.8 billion people in 48 countries will face water stress or water scarcity conditions by 2025. An area is experiencing water stress when annual water supplies drop below 1700 m3 per person. Water scarcity means that the annual water supply is below 1000 m3 per person. This graphic shows which African nations are expected to be experiencing water stress, and which are expected to be facing water scarcity, by the year 2025. It also includes a graphic which shows that as the world's population continues to grow, a higher proportion of the population will be affected by water stress and water scarcity.

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Degradable Plastic Water bottles:

Along with the water harvesters N&M also has the ONLY degradable plastic water bottle. These bottles can be safely buried in landfills and they break down even if discarded along the roadside. The bottles can also be recycled as normal plastic and are locally produced.

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